We are dedicated to supporting seniors and their families in need of personalized real estate service and guidance.

We understand the emotional effect of selling a lifelong home and what is needed to support seniors in transition as well as their families. As such, we bring compassion and understanding to each and every one of our clients.

More than Licensed Realtors

Our Realtors have years of experience in selling homes for top dollar, but they are more than just licensed Massachusetts real estate agents. Because of the emotional attachment a home can carry, leaving it can be very sad and emotional regardless of the reason. 

Our caring real estate agents ensure our homeowners and their families that their home will be in the best of hands throughout the process of selling it. In addition to the experience we provide in marketing a home that was occupied for several decades, our Realtors also specialize in providing compassionate advice and service to the families who have been tasked with selling the home, aiding in a successful sale of a home filled with a lifetime of memories.

Years of Real Estate Expertise

Our Massachusetts licensed Realtors have years of experience selling homes in both up and down markets, as well as in both rural and urban Massachusetts locations.  They complete due diligence in obtaining comparable selling prices for homes in the areas the properties are located and recommend pricing to the homeowners and/or the family in order to get top dollar for the property.

Because no two homes are the same, our marketing strategies reflect that. With strategic targeting to get the home sold, we’ll recommend the best way to sell your home.  Whether it’s listed on market or off, we’ll utilize our expertise to get it in front of the largest possible network, ensuring a lucrative and painless sale.

Extensive Experience Servicing Elderly Clients and Their Families

With extensive experience in servicing elderly clients, probate clients, and their families, we understand the importance of providing additional services to keep things manageable for all.  Our customized approach includes:
    • Complete clean-out and liquidation of the home’s contents (sell, donate, dispose)
    • Critical repairs
    • Smoke detector installations/testing
    • An array of vetted professional service providers
You have many things to be concerned about during this transition.  Getting your property sold so you can let go and move on shouldn’t be one of them.  Find out how we can help.  
Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to evaluate your needs.