Case Studies are real-life examples of Senior Living Service Group at work in the lives of our clients and their families. Note that names have been changed for privacy.  Below are case studies from clients who have that relied on Senior Living Service Group to simplify the process of changing where they live.

A Challenging Sale and the Danger of Foreclosure

Jeff spent years as a successful home-improvement contractor. He lived within his town’s historic district, in a home that he had enjoyed for over thirty years. It was his oasis. But Parkinson’s Disease had other plans for Jeff. At age seventy, Jeff found himself estranged from his wife, physically struggling, deeply in debt, and bitter… read more

An Inherited Property That Couldn’t be Kept

Angela had inherited a four-family home from her sister. Unfortunately, her husband had been very ill for quite some time and the mortgages on the property were adding up to too much debt. A sale was required. However, Angela was extremely attached to her tenants, and concerned for their welfare. She was adamant that they… read more

Mounting Expenses and a Quick Sale of the Home

Andrew came to our firm in a state of despair. His [never-married] brother, who had been living in their childhood home, was quite ill and was not going to make it out of the care facility. However, expenses were mounting and a quick sale of the home would be a perfect solution. Although the home… read more

A Historic Family Property that Needed Work

Martha lived in the home where she, her mother, and her grandmother had all grown up. This cherished family homestead, located in one of Boston’s most historic neighborhoods, had been under their ownership for over 100 years. However, there came a point where she knew she was no longer able to live in this home… read more

Illness, Financial Strain, and a Home That’s Been in the Family for 90 Years

Christine lived on the second floor of a two-family home with her husband, Robert. Jacquelyn, her sister, lived on the first floor. When we first met Christine, we quickly learned of her challenges. Robert was having cancer treatments, and Jacquelyn was also struggling with Parkinson’s. Although her home had been in her family for over… read more