Christine lived on the second floor of a two-family home with her husband, Robert. Jacquelyn, her sister, lived on the first floor. When we first met Christine, we quickly learned of her challenges. Robert was having cancer treatments, and Jacquelyn was also struggling with Parkinson’s. Although her home had been in her family for over 90 years, she regrettably knew it was time to let go. Her plan was to move to a condo on the cape, but this was putting a short-term financial strain on her, and the stress of trying to prepare the home for sale, along with everything else in her life, was overwhelming.

During our first meeting, we also noticed that Christine was very educated about prior sales in her neighborhood and that she also had a very detailed, analytical approach to things. When we met a second time, we had prepared ample amounts of data on sales in the preceding 12 months, and we spent time trading opinions and observations with her. By the end of our meeting, we all agreed on what the value range of the home was, as well as what counter-points we could bring up to potential buyers during negotiations.

We proposed an approach to Christine that called for putting the home on the market privately for a finite period of time, with an MLS Delayed Listing Option. This put the bulk of our efforts “behind the scenes” as opposed to on the front lawn with a sign. This also gave us complete control over all aspects of showing the property to avoid disruptions. Within weeks, we procured a qualified Buyer who made the purchase for his son at a price well within the expected range. He was able to close and let Christine, Robert and Jacquelyn remain in the home for several months at a very reasonable rent. This allowed Kathleen access to funds to finish her cape renovations, and also allowed her life to continue virtually uninterrupted so she could focus on the things that mattered most. We also had Christine work with Marie, our Transition Specialist. Marie developed a comprehensive moving plan and handled all aspects of packing, moving, and unpacking at their new home.