Martha lived in the home where she, her mother, and her grandmother had all grown up. This cherished family homestead, located in one of Boston’s most historic neighborhoods, had been under their ownership for over 100 years. However, there came a point where she knew she was no longer able to live in this home any longer. It’s multi-floor layout was simply not conducive to someone with her medical condition.

Unfortunately, the home was in need of considerable updating, so was not “move-in ready”. The thought of selling to a developer was in itself very upsetting to the family members.

We worked hard with Martha and her family to get them to focus, not on the next buyer, but rather on the next occupants of the home. This would surely be a family who had all the intentions of making this their dream home and enjoying the home much as Martha’s family had done.

We were successful at finding an investor with a particular liking for historic properties, and who pledged to restore the home’s true charm. This brought much comfort to Martha and her family, and a successful deal resulted.

As part of our service, we also performed a complete cleanout of the home with the removal of all unwanted items prior to the sale. During this process, our workers discovered over $3,000.00 in cash that had been hiding in the attic. Needless to say, the entire amount was returned to the complete surprise and appreciation of Martha and her family.