Angela had inherited a four-family home from her sister. Unfortunately, her husband had been very ill for quite some time and the mortgages on the property were adding up to too much debt. A sale was required. However, Angela was extremely attached to her tenants, and concerned for their welfare. She was adamant that they not be disturbed or otherwise made to worry. Further, she did not want the home to be publicly listed as the stress and embarrassment of the process were overwhelming.

We entered the property once and took extensive videos to share with a private buyer pool. Based on a “virtual showing”, we were able to obtain an offer. Upon actual walkthrough, the buyer lowered their price by over 20% and we advised Angela not to accept such terms as we were confident in the property’s value. Soon thereafter, we procured another Buyer who honored their virtual showing price.

All that was needed for the closing was a final reading for each of the oil tanks, but the vendor was not cooperating as he was owed a substantial sum. We paid him directly, kept things on schedule, and deducted the funds at closing.