Jeff spent years as a successful home-improvement contractor. He lived within his town’s historic district, in a home that he had enjoyed for over thirty years. It was his oasis.

But Parkinson’s Disease had other plans for Jeff. At age seventy, Jeff found himself estranged from his wife, physically struggling, deeply in debt, and bitter at his situation. The property was in real danger of foreclosure.

Although Jeff knew he had to sell his home, he thwarted all our attempts to market the property. He also insisted on an asking price that was drastically above market – earning snide comments from the realtor community along the way. He just wasn’t ready to let go, and was not willing to cooperate – or so we thought. We became concerned.

Our team met in private to discuss the situation. It became clear that there was simply not enough trust on Jeff’s part, and we shifted our focus accordingly. Rather than pressure Jeff to clean the house and get ready to move, we spent time helping him with errands, stopping by to share a story and a snack, and going through old photos. This process took several months. At one point, Jeff had a Parkinson’s episode at night, and we came to the home to help him through it, and get him into bed. All the while, we were in constant communication with Jeff’s creditors and were buying as much time as possible on Jeff’s behalf.

On top of it all, the home was exceptionally challenging to sell. The layout was too enclosed and not appealing to buyers with families searching for “open-concept” living. Also, developers were very reluctant as the historic district location presented time-consuming, and therefore costly, issues.

After hundreds of phone calls and dozens of showings, we were able to find an ideal buyer. This gentleman was “cut from the same cloth” as Jeff. He had experience remodeling homes, had a love for historic properties, and demonstrated to Jeff sincere appreciation for the quality of the home’s craftsmanship. He also planned to live in the home as he wanted his daughter to attend the superior school system.

The pieces were now in place. Our relationship with Jeff was solid, our buyer was respectful and sincere, and we pledged our full assistance with Jeff in his search for a new living arrangement. Jeff was finally able to move on. The price was worked out to fair market value, the creditors were satisfied, and Jeff felt relieved that we supported him greatly at every step along the way.